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Hisashi Fukushima - Railway Picture Exhibits 

          H.Fukushima is a painter who was born and lives in Hidaka City and has been interested in railways
         very much and good at painting precise railway pictures since his childhood, although he has been austistic.
         Some of his pictures are as shown below.

Normal Display/Exhibition

        Location    Gallery Cafe,   "Galeria de Cafe Limon"
       Address     1-17-2 Yokote, Hidaka City, Saitama pref., Japan
       Telephone   042−978−5353
       HP URL
       Open Hours  11:00〜17:00 ( Thu through Sun )
       Poster    Enter Here.
       Note: Refer to the column after the following chapter for details of schedule and contents on the
          exhibitions held at other places.

Pictures (Snapshots) and Activities

福島尚展1 福島尚展2

福島尚展3 福島尚展4

福島尚展5 福島尚展6

福島尚展7 福島尚展8

福島尚展9 福島尚展10

福島尚展11 福島尚展12

福島尚ジグソーパズル1 福島尚ジグソーパズル2

     Several kinds of Jigsaw puzzles are available.

福島尚展市長視察1 福島尚展市長視察2
     Visit of Hidaka City Mayor, Teruo Yagasaki ( Sep. 2014 )

福島尚展県知事視察1 福島尚展県知事視察2
     Visit of Saitama Prefecture Governor, Seiji Ueda - H.Fukushima explained his pictures and the Governor listened to
      it so eagerly. ( Oct. 2014 )

福島尚展県知事視察3 福島尚展県知事視察4
    Discussion between the painter and the Governor was fruitful. And he also enjoyed talks with people who happened to
     be there.

Reference Information

  Introduction of H. Fukushima's railway Picture Album

福島尚鉄道画集表紙  ・Sales         Dec 12th, 2016 onwards
 ・Originator      Hisashi Fukushima
 ・Design        PIDEZA Inc
 ・Photography    Toru Nakamura
 ・Makeup       Yamada Photography Makeup Co.
 ・Photo Cooperation  Galeria de Cafe Limon
 ・Cooperators    Kiyoshi & Kiyo Fukushima,
               Iwao Inaura, Masaru Nagano
 ・Special Thanks    Okamoto Taro Art Museum
               in Kawasaki City
 ・Publisher       Futami Shobo Co. Ltd.
 ・                                     ・Printing & Binding  Tosho Insatsu Co.Ltd.
 ・                                     ・Price          \ 2200 + Tax

   The Album uses B5 size sheets and consists of total 112 pages. It contains many pictures which
   Hisashi produced all through Japan and also contains explanations on his pictures and background.

           Explanation Page                           Railway Picture Page

     Some other Pictures contained in the Album are shown below as representatives.

フレートエクスプレス      西武鉄道レッド゙アロー
           JR ED75136 Express              Seibu Railway Co.'s Ltd Express Red Arrow

JR 郵便貨物列車
                                JR EF57 Mail Train

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