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 A message from the Owner

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Thank you for your visit to us.

      <Flower Diary of Cafe Limon>

       Articls are written down below in the order of the issue timing.

            Early summer flowers have replaced spring ones after only a month. (May 2017)

    (Enlarged photo)                                    White roses, Bonanza(Enlarged photo)

    Penstemon(Enlarged photo)                            Digitalis & Fennel(Enlarged photo)

    Angela in lovely bloom this year(Enlarged photo)               Orange roses, Brass band(Enlarged photo)

    White petunia wintered over(Enlarged photo)

      Spring flowers are shining cheerfully. Light green in the mountains, sky blue and lovely colors of flowers.
      How splended this season is here !( April 2017 )

    (Enlarged photo)                                       (Enlarged photo)

    (Enlarged photo)                                       (Enlarged photo)

    (Enlarged photo)                                       (Enlarged photo)

              Late autumn atmosphere starts to prevail around this boundary of the mountain area.
              Yellow rose has now become in full bloom and is shining in the garden. ( November 2015 )


              Summer flowers have now been replaced with autumn flowers in our garden. ( October 2015 )


              Like in the mountains, in front of our place,
              many kinds of spring flowers are getting
              in bloom. ( May 2015 )  


      <Opinions or Questions from the Customers>

       If you have an opinion or any questions about Galeria de Cafe Limon or this homepage,
       please send them by e-mail

      <Special Events in the Past>

         Some of the Special Events/Exhibitions so far presented in Galeria de Cafe Limon are introduced below
          for your reference although those which will be given in the near future are as shown in the right
          hand column of this home page titled "Special Events".

  Exhibition of Changshun Liu Landscapes   June 1st (Thu) 〜 July 2nd (Sun), 2017

        Beautiful sceneries of old houses and town streets in the mid-west England were presented. Many people
         visited us to appreciate these pictures. Pictures presented for sale as well.

英国風景画1 英国風景画2

英国風景画3 英国風景画4

  Oku-Musashi Glee Club   − Spring Concert     March 25th. (Sat), 2017

   The restaurant was filled with beautiful harmonies of the Glee Club. In the second half
    the audience also joined with the chorus and had a pleasant time together.


  Tashiro Hikaru Railway Sketch Exhibition - Jan 12 (Thu) thru Feb 26 (Sun)

田代光1 田代光2

  Celebration Party for the Publication of H. Fukushima's Railway Picture Album - Jan 9th (Tue), 2017

          Just after the new year's celebration period, the party captioned above was held at "Cafe Limon"
         among the people who support a railway painter, Hisashi Fukushima. Many guests were invited there.
         and a Mayor of Hidaka City, Mr. Teruo Yagasaki was one of them.
         Some snapshots then are shown below;

出版記念1 出版記念2

     The Railway Picture Album                           Greeting Speech by a Chief of Group supporting
                                                 H. Fukushima, Mr. Y. Takano

出版記念1 出版記念2
       Mr. T.Yagasaki, A Mayor of Hidaka City                         Mr. Hisashi Fukushima
       YouTube video is available, here, although it's in Japanese.

  Exhibits of Hideko Abe hand-knit works  −  Oct 20th (Thu) thru  Dec 11th (Sun), 2016

        Exhibits and sales of hand-knitted wears such as sweaters, jackets and stoles has been terminated as scheduled.

阿部秀子展1” align= 阿部秀子展2


  Welcome Party for Yumi Yaginuma  − July 17th (Sun), 2016

         Yumi Yaginuma and her daughter, Naushika are staying at her Japanese hometown this summer. Good friends
        in Yokotedai residential area are very pleased to see them closely. A welcome party was held at "Galeria de
        Cafe Limon" on July 17th. There were plenty of pleasant talks such as lives in Italy, differences from Japan,
        Naushika's experiences at Musashidai Elementary School and so on. Japanese popular songs were sang together at
        the end of the party.   The following pictures are showing some scenes then.
        And YouTube video can be watched here .

柳沼裕美1 柳沼裕美2

       The party started with the first toast by Imanishi-san



            All participants of the party                                 Naushika

   Hisashi Fukushima's Arts Exhibition − Apr.1st thru Jun. 26th, 2016

        A lot of people visited the Exhibition during the opening period and were impressed by his arts.
       The following pictures show appearances of the opening reception given preceding the Exhibition"

福島尚展オープニング1 福島尚展オープニング2

  Harmonica Concert − Dec 13th (Sun), 2015

      ・Harmonica & Guitar     Yasujiro Asami
      ・Guitar, Charango & Caina Mutsumi Terashima
      ・Japanese Dance       Ako Momokawa
       See snapshots below and click here to see a YouTube movie
       which includes three songs.

  Exhibition of Three Women Painters − Nov 1st thru Dec 20th, 2015 & Jan 7th thru 31st, 2016

      Some snapshots of pictures displayed in "Cafe Limon" are shown below. It's unfortunately disturbing
       to reflect some lights from the windows on the surface of each picture.

    ○ Setsuko Ichimaru (Profile)  Japanese Picture Painter、A member of Nitten、A Former Examiner of Nitten

    ○ Misako Okimura  Pet Portrait Painter

    ○ Keiko Inoue  Painter of Woods and Owls

  Marimba Solo-Concert - - - October 11th (Sun), 2015

      ・Marimba     Ayumi Tanaka
            Piano   Koji Yamabe
         Please enjoy the splendid performance shown in the following
         snap pictures and the YouTube movie referred to at the bottom.
         Sorry for the lower quality of those caused by the amateur
         recording equipments and technique.

      Refer here , a YouTube movie of Marimba Performance.
      Four pieces are selected among those performed in the concert.
      Total duration time of the movie is about ten minutes.

  Party to enjoy Saki & Meal  - June 15th, 2015 (Sat)

      ・Tsugaru Shamisen Performance    Kouji Oyama
      ・Speech        President Ozawa -- Ozawa Distillery Co.
      ・Organizer      Owl Promotion
      ・Support       Kuramoto Sawanoi  

       Please guess the atmosphere of the Party from the following snap pictures and YouTube video.
      Click here, to enjoy the performance of the Tsugaru-shamisen - YouTube Video.

  2015 Niko Concert − Chinese Strings Musical Instrument - May 31st, 2015

   Niko is one of Chinese Strings Musical Instruments. (See pictures below for detail)

          ・Musician   Ma Gaoyan - Niko Performer from Shanxi Province, China
          ・Musics Played  Chinese, Japanese and other countries musics

           Unbelievable big and beautiful sounds were flown from the tiny musical instrument.

           A snapshot of Ma-san playing Niko earnestly at the concert below.


  2015 - New Years Concert - February 8th, 2015

       ”Andean Music (Folklore) Concert”

         ・Artists     S.Sasakubo、 Andean Music Guiterist
                   R.Moyano   Argentine Guiterist
                   D.Aoki     Zampona player
                   I.Osuno     Peruvian Singer

      The following pictures are snapshots taken at the concert and The YouTube video is reference to it.

        Shin Sasakubo

        Ricardo Moyano

        Daisuke Aoki(middle)

  Sunday Live - December 7th, 2014

       "Mariachi Samurai Quartette Concert"

          ・Quartette Members   Sam Moreno  Singer
                          Cecilia Seo  Violin
                          Cachito Terasawa  Guitar
                          Shuzo Takeda   Trumpet

     Mariachi Samurai1

  Saturday Concert − May 31st, 2014

       "Jazz in the good old days" by Benny Watanabe Quartet and Masashi Mizuno

         ・Quartet Members ; Mayumi Watanabe (Clarinet), Kaoru Imaizumi (Piano), Shuichi Shima (Guitar)
                       Yoichi Ochiai (Bass)

      ・Performance 2 ---YouTube movie "Moon River"


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